Sample Translation and Report Preparation


If you are trying to get your Chinese book published in English, Tender Leaves can help you prepare the necessary Reader’s Report and Sample Translation for you to submit to publishing houses and/or agents for consideration.

What is included in this service:

  • a translation of the first chapter (or up to the first three chapters, if the chapters are short) of your book
  • a synopsis of your book, prepared according to the standard approach used when submitting a manuscript to an English-language publisher
  • a reader’s report explaining why your book is worthy of publication and where it might best fit in a publisher’s catalogue

* All materials are prepared by a professional translator specializing in literary translation *

(See a list of our translators)

What is NOT included in this service:

  • full manuscript translation (we only prepare a sample chapter)
  • translations of poetry or short stories
  • agent services
  • manuscript editing
  • any misrepresentation of the quality of the work – we offer honest representations so that you can find the most suitable publisher/agent for your book

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