Tender Leaves Translation is a founder of Literary Shanghai, a community of Chinese & international writers, translators, and readers who gather monthly for literary talks, readings, workshops, and outings. The group aims for a local and regional focus, and seeks to bring writers and readers from various backgrounds and languages together into a more active community that accurately represents the arts in our region.

Literary Shanghai Events

Literary Shanghai organises literary and cultural events on a regular basis in Shanghai. Future events include weekends dedicated to specific publishers, agents, regions, or themes that will allow readers and writers to have a better idea of what is going on in the publishing and literary worlds in Shanghai and neighbouring cities. The organisation also hosts regular readings, salons, and workshops.

Literary Shanghai cooperates with other literary and cultural event organisers in the region to help its writers and members get the best exposure to the varied arts scene in the region. Events are hosted in Chinese and English, and take place around the city.

Keep up with events in Shanghai at the Literary Shanghai webpage.