Having a Book Considered by a Publisher

For a Chinese author wishing to have her or his book considered by an English-language publisher, the steps s/he should follow are:

1) Have the first chapter (or three at most) translated by a professional literary translator

Note: A literary translator is a specialist. Many translators who are excellent at business or other forms of translation cannot do effective literary translation. It is best to contact a specialist, such as the staff at Tender Leaves Language and Translation Services, which specializes in literary translation.

Ask your translator to include a book synopsis and reader’s report aimed at a literary publisher.

If your translator does not know how to prepare such a report, s/he most likely does not specialize in literary translation.

2) Submit your synopsis, reader’s report, and sample translation to the publishing house or agent of your choice.

A list of publishers can be found here and a list of literary agents can be found here.

3) Wait for word from the place(s) you have submitted.

Be aware that it can take some time to hear back from publishers and agents. For the best in the market, it might even take up to a year. Do not pester the publisher/agent during this time. Instead, give them sufficient space to consider your work carefully.

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