SALT Schedule 2019

SALT Schedule 2019 & Programme Details

Date SALT Schedule Remarks
Orientation and Literary Translation Workshop Half day workshop conducted by Shelly Bryant

Venue tbc

XX June 2019  Apprentices to confirm the title they will be translating

Apprentices to begin translation of short exercise piece

June – December 2019 Translation

Apprentices to work on the short exercise piece and the longer, 5,000 word piece

Mentored by the Tender Leaves team
January – April 2020 Editing of 5,000 word excerpt Mentored by the Tender Leaves team and external industry professionals
May – June 2020 Marketing the translated work Mentored by the Tender Leaves team and external industry professionals
June 2020 Review and graduation Half day workshop conducted by Shelly Bryant

Venue tbc

 Programme Details

The ORIENTATION AND LITERARY TRANSLATION WORKSHOP will give an overview of SALT, including the goals, expectations, as well as how the apprentice will work with the mentor. It will cover the creative processes, the business aspects of translating for publication, as well as understanding and adapting to the market forces.

TRANSLATION will include translating two pieces, the first a short piece that will work on helping the translator work on some basic issues and concepts. This will not go through the later EDITING and MARKETING stages. The second piece will be an excerpt from a longer work. The apprentice will be expected to apply the skills acquired through working on the short piece to the longer piece. This will go through the EDITING stage and will serve as the sample that will be used in the MARKETING stage. Mentorship for both of these pieces will be managed by the Tender Leaves Translation team, with two mentors working on each piece with the apprentice, allowing the apprentice to hear different perspectives and learn from mentors with different areas of specialisation.

EDITING will include working with a professional editorial team. This will help the apprentices move from a focus on the original text to a focus on the target market, which will better prepare them for the final stage of the apprenticeship.

MARKETING will include work with a professional agent, with a focus on preparing a synopsis to pair with the sample produced in the earlier stages. The apprentices will craft the synopsis under the guidance of the agent. When it is completed, it, together with the sample, will make up a full package for marketing the work.

REVIEW will include a debrief session with Shelly Bryant, discussing the feedback the apprentices have received from their mentors and how best to implement it as they move on to begin their careers in literary translation.

All texts in the programme can be chosen from the Suggested List, though we are open to listening to suggestions from the apprentices. Our Suggested List will include works recommended by our various sponsors and partners. It will not be limited geographically.

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