“Nancy’s help was instrumental in my son getting in early to his dream school.” – Jasmine L., parent

I engaged Nancy to help my son’s college essay writing because of her incredible reputation as a writing coach in our local community center. Her enthusiasm, energy and humor are contagious. My son connected with her instantly. She helped my son expand his thinking and build up his confidence tremendously from early on. By involving both me and my son in the brainstorming process, she uncovered hidden value in an old story when my son gave an a-cappella performance in 7th grade. The theme was turned into a great essay that highlighted my son’s voice and dreams. Nancy’s help is instrumental to my son getting in early to his dream school. I recommend her without hesitation. –Jasmin L., Shanghai, mother of student accepted at Brown.

“My daughter has been accepted to every single college she’s applied to so far.” – Kristin L., parent

“Nancy was terrific with my daughter. She was honest, supportive, and helped her develop her ideas in a clear, concise manner. Their work together enabled my daughter to develop and share her ideas with a professional with confidence. After her essay was developed, she decided on her own to expand her applications to different colleges and art schools. It was as if in the process of writing her essay she found a path to follow as well as her own voice.

Ultimately, Nancy helped her find a voice that resonated well with the colleges she applied to. She’s been accepted to every single one so far, including Simmons College (with an $80k merit package), the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (with a $54,600 merit package), and the University of Oregon. We can’t thank her enough! – Kristin L., mother of current high school senior

“Most incredible was Nancy’s ability to perfect my incongruous raw ideas … into a coherent story, my story, that presented the best of me.” – Clarence, student.

“Nancy was instrumental in helping me ultimately get accepted into my dream school. At the early stages of brainstorming, her warm friendliness made me feel very comfortable in sharing my thoughts and anecdotes. Her creative writing expertise and techniques also helped me overcome my own blocks of nervousness and hesitations. But most incredible was Nancy’s ability to perfect my incongruous raw ideas with the simplest of phrases, refining my drafts into a coherent story, my story, that presented the best of me. I could never have crafted my essay without her, and I am tremendously grateful for her help.” – Clarence, student, accepted at Brown University.

“Tommy didn’t even want to write his college applications. Thanks to Nancy’s patient provocation and inspiration, he wrote a sincere, profound, unconventional essay that inspired USC to make an exception and accept him for late admission.” 

Nancy’s approach was different from what I expected:  Nancy mostly encouraged Tommy to use his own views to express himself. She said that she only played the role of a blender, letting her students’ thoughts erupt like soda as she shook it. Tommy was constantly submitting his writing for publication at his school and professional literary magazines in the United States. He got published every time, he began to like independent thinking and started to read a lot.

Then Nancy left China. Like most kids, Tommy entered an intensively defiant period. In the end, he did not even want to write his college application letters! I felt helpless. The good news was that Nancy had opened up a small learning center for college applications, and Tommy went to study with her. He was no longer the obedient high school boy, but after working with  Nancy’s “blending machine” and her patient provocation and inspiration, Tommy wrote a sincere, extremely profound essay. Despite extremely inconsistent academic results, it was this essay that made the prestigious University of Southern California (USC) make an exception and accept him for late admission. All because of the sincerity and profundity of his writing and the unconventional thoughts he expressed in his essay.

I want to say that perhaps the foundation of education is to arouse the passion, and writing surges from the root of a child’s soul. Nancy has accomplished that. I don’t know the details of how she did it, but I know that my son always says that Nancy holds a magic wand  that turns her students into kaleidoscopes. Now, Tommy is completely immersed in the kaleidoscope of his creative writing. He is no longer the defiant high school student, but a writer who has found his passion. He is an observer, recording the realities of life. He has said, “There are too many students in school who complete their studies for a certificate. It was Nancy who inspired my previous undetected passion for literary writing, and in the process enabled me to acquire the ability to engage in unconventional independent thinking. This allows me to completely immerse myself in my college classes, and now I like engaging with more professors and interacting with our unique sensitivities to our surroundings.”

As a mother who has gone through a son’s defiance to see his surprising acceptance by USC, I think I am qualified to say that it is fortunate that my son got to know Nancy. Nancy uses her unique charm to inspire her students to learn to become unconventional independent thinkers as they learn to write. This has allowed me – now the mother of a grown boy – to see what every mother wishes to see. Now, Tommy is not just another USC student who studies in a hodgepodge manner to obtain a certificate, but he really likes his disciplinary studies and finds joy in them. He often says, “There are a lot of challenges, but that is the fun of it.”

Thank you, Nancy. Because of you, Tommy has become a part of USC, and you have allowed a mother to witness her son really finding his passion.